My First Fall Reading Week Was Everything I Hoped For, Here’s Why…

I’m so thankful for this reading week.

I didn’t realize until now how desperately I needed a break. I hit the ground running with university, taking care of my readings on time, finishing my assignments. All this planned pacing made me unaware of the exhaustion I was accumulating. My body was weighing me down; I didn’t even notice I was staggering under the weight of it all.

So when my last class finished on Friday, my whole body deflated in a relieved sigh.

I was free! And for a well-deserved week, in my opinion.

I was especially eager to get home from campus because my best friend, whom I’ve known since I was nine years old and whom I hadn’t seen in nearly two years, was visiting from the states on Sunday.

She just left tonight though (reeeaaallll bummer) but the three days we spent were so lovely. Pretty much all we did was start and finish both seasons of Narcos. That was it. And it was amazing.


Pictured: said best friend on the left, me burrowed on the right & a Thoreau quote about autumn.

Lazing around was exactly what both of us needed. That and some TV drama to completely destress and rest for a bit. Letting my bones melt into my comfy sofa for three days straight made me realize that giving myself a break was necessary for my health. I did not know how high-strung I was, but in retrospect I feel like I was close to mentally snapping if not for the salvation that is UTM’s first fall reading week.

Now that I’ve had a taste of the Good Life, aka not doing a single thing at all whatsoever uh-uh not at all, it feels like it might be a little bit more difficult to hop back into my academic routine. Back to my calendar I go.

What was your Fall Reading Week salvation?


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