UTM Recap #1: The Good and Not-So-Good Stuff


It’s been a whole month of university and I’m still here! I am alive!

I want to be completely transparent with these blogs so let’s recap the ups and downs.


  • I’ve gotten involved!!
      • THIS blogging gig! I am having so much fun blogging about my first year experiences. I’m treating this as a diary of my first year; I can’t wait to look back at my nascent days here at UTM when I’m in fourth year and reminisce.
      • I’ve written a couple of articles for The Medium’s Arts and Entertainment section!
  • Engaging classes
    • utmOne Scholar – Building Global Justice
      • I highly recommend this course because it’s not the conventional first year class. We’re learning about the various resources we can utilize on campus, we’re getting exposed to advanced assignments like writing  literature reviews, and we’re researching extensively.
    • WRI203 – Expressive Writing
      • I absolutely love this class. We’re writing memoirs, or creative non-fiction, and implementing various writing skills that we learn each week. After only a month, I already see an improvement in my skills.
  • Physical health
    • My physical health is also improving, which is surprising. The first couple of weeks I went to the gym a few times, which has drastically improved my stamina during long lectures. I’ve even gone swimming, which is something I’ve missed.


  • Mental health
    • While my physical activities have helped allay some problems, my mental health hasn’t suddenly become perfect. I just had my first test this week and the anxiety that I’ve struggled with all through high school still crept up on me without my notice.
    • TIPS
      • Other than exercise, I spent some time managing my calendar so that I wouldn’t be completely overwhelmed come test day.
      • Instead of my usual cramming the night before, I paced myself and felt like I absorbed more than I used to with my high school study habits,
      • I’ve been preparing healthier meals to bring to campus. Sure, it’s requires more time and effort than buying a slice of pizza, but I feel much better.Anxiety can be irrational; I can’t just talk myself out of it. However, some of these steps that I took to assuage the negative feeling really did help. If you’re stressing, or even reaching distress, contact the Health & Counselling Centre on campus (David Building).
  • Because of the heavier workload, I’ve been getting less and less sleep. Consequently, I got sick! But I toned my activities down for a week, got more rest (read: caught up on my Netflix shows), drank more water, and I’m now recovering. You might still hear me sniffling in the halls, but at least I don’t have a fever anymore. I consider that a success.

Now, I want to hear from all of you…what have been your ups and downs thus far?


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