Consider this post a continuation of the previous one, because I lived the high life this reading week. And by that, I mean I’m taking this “take a break” philosophy to heart.

Yesterday, I went apple picking for the first time with my dad and brother. Where I used to live, farmland was corporate and out of the way. Strawberry fields had no charm, only the stench of fertilizer and rank dirt water. Large machines would guzzle their gas and puff out dark plumes of smoke. The near 40-degree weather in Southern California had us rolling our windows up in the car as we passed by them on our way to someplace a little less…menacing.


So Tuesday night when my dad suggested we go apple picking the following morning, I was ecstatic. I hadn’t ever been since I never had the opportunity. In my mind, apple picking, cherry picking, walking through pumpkin patches, those were all in the distant world of Gilmore Girls east-coast living.

So yesterday morning, I filled up our water bottles and hopped in the car. We cruised down Mayfield Road until we turned left onto Heart Lake where Berryview Farm was. The sun was shining bright during the hottest day of this week, a mild 22-degrees; the breeze was calm and welcomed as I stepped out of our car. We walked up to the lady at the front who gave us a bag for our apples. We jumped right in.


After about half an hour, we filled our brown recyclable bag to the very top with Golden Delicious, Spy, Cortland, and Crispin apples. In my head I was already planning to google various apple recipes.

This was an amazing and, most importantly, relaxing day. I needed it desperately as a self-care activity to keep me mentally on track. University life has been hectic to start, but I’m glad I’m taking these steps in assuring my overall well-being.


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