UTM Hidden Gem: Course Reserves (!!!)

Before the start of my first fall term, I went to a series of workshops as part of the HeadStart program. One of the sessions I attended was Library 101, where I learned how to navigate the UTM library website.


When the librarian offhandedly mentioned something about course reserves, my ears perked up. Course reserves? What were those?

Basically, course reserves are course materials that the library loans out for a maximum of two hours. Most assigned materials–textbooks, coursepacks–are available to check out.


My first experience (and, as you’ll learn, not my last) with course reserves was for ENG110, Narrative, class. A coursepack is required, so I searched it on the library database, pulled up the course material page, and showed the assistant at the information desk the call number on my phone. They dipped to the back and pulled out the thin, spiral-bound pack of short stories, returned to scan my TCard and the packet, and I was off.

Knowing I only had two hours before I had to return the coursepack, I went straight to the scanners on the same floor, at the spot right across the Starbucks windows. I scanned all of the short stories, et voilà! I just saved like forty bucks!

Bonus tip: save the scanned images on Google Drive or Dropbox, or even email them to yourselves, and print them when you get home. Boom. I just saved you a cup of Timmies coffee.

Since then, I’ve also scanned some of my assigned readings from my cinema textbook and saved them on my Google Drive. I pull them up every Friday morning on the bus, right before my lecture and tutorial, and take notes to prepare.

You are very welcome. 


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