Here’s Why Every University Student Should Have A Morning Routine


When I wake up to the sound of my blaring alarm, I shut it off and then unlock my phone. I open up the New York Times crossword app and fill out the small 5×5 puzzle. When I finish, there’s a little whimsical jingle that plays; that’s one little thing that already sets my day off to a good start.

Then I make some tea and read a couple of pages of whatever non-school novel I’ve got going.

I prepare my lunch ahead of time, so I just grab the containers from the fridge and stuff them into my bag. I’m ready to go.

I’ve gotten into the groove of my morning routine because I’ve experienced its benefits. I used to rush all the time in the morning, raising my blood pressure before the clock even hit 9 AM. I would ravage through my house like Taz trying to find all of my schoolwork and notebooks, which I end up remembering, are already in my bag.

Now, after establishing my routine, I have found what is crucial to being a university student: stability. Even a small routine in the mornings, not my whole day, sets me on stable footing so I can power through the rest of my day a little bit more focused and put-together mentally. I know what to do, where to go, what task to fulfill before I’m out of the door. It’s a seldom-seen solace in the busy life of university.

I get lost easily: in my head, in my assignments, in my daily planner. Personally, having a routine to stick to helps me settle into my busy life. If you’re an anxious person or someone who deals with mental illness, a routine can offer peace in an otherwise hectic life as a student.

Do you have a routine? If so, what is it?


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