Want to make your study breaks more fun? Try Le Cinema Club

Got twenty minutes?

After a couple hours of studying, I know I certainly need a break. Instead of getting distracted by all the memes on my Facebook feed, though, I’ve decided to make my small study breaks more productive.

Enter Le Cinema Club.


Le Cinema Club is a site that hosts one film per week, premiering every Sunday. These free films include works from up-and-coming filmmakers, rare finds, and documentaries; they are also accompanied by brief descriptions and even interviews with the director.

Le Cinema Club is a gem that I discovered in 2015 during my “What short films can I find online and watch for free?” phase. There are quite a few on Vimeo that are beautifully made, so I watched those for a while. Under one of the videos was a comment that suggested the site Le Cinema Club. Huh. I wondered what that was.

So I googled the site and found it. It’s a minimalist site: black background, white sans serif font, two columns. The title was large on the left column, and the play button just below. The right column boasted stills from the week’s selection, followed by the description.

It was just what I was looking for. Most selections are usually under twenty minutes: enough to be engaging, short enough that I wouldn’t feel guilty watching it. (The site has hosted longer films before, but not as often.)  The genres encompass a wide variety, from avant-garde art cinema to documentary portraits.

I also love this service because it includes understated international films I otherwise would never be able to access in Canada. There have been numerous French works, Greek films, and some Eastern European selections. I’m keen on seeing some more works from outside of Europe and North America, though, so my fingers are crossed.

Le Cinema Club is also a valuable resource in accessing earlier works of now-successful directors. Their impressive archive includes:

  • an early project of Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, the man behind the surreal Dogtooth and more recently, The Lobster
  • The Discipline of D.E. by Gus Van Sant, the director who would go on to create My Own Private Idaho and Good Will Hunting
  • Brothers, a short film by Robert Eggers that would win over studios’ backing in producing the haunting 2016 horror hit, The Witch

My favourites include:



The only catch is that Le Cinema Club only screens the films for one week only. So set that alarm Saturday evening, or you’ll definitely miss out.

Any short films from Le Cinema Club (or short films in general!) you want to recommend?


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