What kind of procrastinator are you? Take this quiz and find out!

What kind of procrastinator are you? 

You’ve got a paper due tomorrow, at the beginning of your 2 PM tutorial. What’s the sitch looking like?

A) 2 PM? I’ve got time, don’t worry about it. I’ve got like, what? Two hours? Plenty of time.What paper?

B) It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ve got, like, so much time. Now shut up, I gotta finish this episode of The Get Down.

C) Well, let me just clean my desk a  bit. And then let me just put away these clothes. I’ve still got to do the dishes too. Where’s the vacuum…

D) What paper?


What does your desk look like on an average day?

A) Four mugs, some empty energy drink cans have toppled over, and loose leaf notes scattered about

B) Food. Just…a bunch of food. Mostly bags of chips and valentine’s day candy (weirdly, they’re already on sale)

C) Spotless. Go on, smell it. Yeah, that’s lemon-scented cleaner.

D) What table?


What tabs have you got open on your browser?

A) Netflix (Gilmore Girls, Season 4), YouTube (Stephen Colbert monologues), Reddit (Overwatch subreddit)

B) Buzzfeed quizzes. Just all of the Buzzfeed Quizzes.

C) A bunch of Wiki-How how-to’s: “How to make your own detergent,” “How to repierce your ears once they’ve closed up,” How to make your dog love you”

D) *is asleep*


If you got mostly A’s:

You’re one of the ones who delude themselves into thinking that a paper due at midnight can be done and executed well if they start two hours before the deadline because they’ve “got this” and have a case of red bull.

If you got mostly B’s:

You’re one of the ones who get so stressed out and anxious about school and impending deadlines that they veg out, doing absolutely nothing, paralyzed by stress. You’ve been lulled into a false kind of calm because you’re so stressed out.

If you got mostly C’s:

You’re one of the ones who does everything else just to avoid doing school work. You do all your chores in three hours. You do all those things your mom asked you to do, like, three months ago. You learn a new craft, like Python coding or basket weaving.

If you got mostly D’s:

Um…are you sure you even go here?

Or maybe you’re a mix of these types. Nevertheless, here are some tips from fellow-first years to help you avoid procrastinating.

One thing I do to feel like I’m being productive is make lists. I make to-do checklists with things I have to achieve that day, and that day only. I try not to overwhelm myself with the rest of the week, unless they’re important deadlines I should be pacing myself for. After I’ve made those, I feel more inclined to start doing my work, which is one of the most difficult things to overcome–the struggle of getting started.

Yasmeen says that her phone is an ultimate distraction: “Putting the phone away could be a major focus changer. It’s extremely tempting to constantly check it so putting it faaaaaar away and on silent is the way to go.”

Natalia agrees. She says that she needs to put any distractions out of the way. Once she’s achieved a task, she rewards herself with a small break.

Lorena organizes: “I try to make a pretty schedule with pretty colours and cool designs to help me feel as though my life is somewhat organized.” To stay focused while studying, she listens to instrumental music. She says that she likes listening to “really intense music that makes it sound as though if I finish this essay, I will save the world.”

How do you deal with procrastination? Any tips?


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