Recap #3: The Good Good and the Could’ve Been Better!

I’m currently writing this blog post to put off the final assignments I have due this last week.

Some things never change, huh?

But, we did it!!!!! We survived our first year of university all!!!!! The last time I caught up with you, winter break just finished and we were getting back in the grind. Now, I’m grinding my teeth in stress trying to make it through this last week.

So let’s recap. What’s happened this semester?

The “Good Good”

Exploring St. George

When the sun dared to grace us this winter, I headed downtown to go walk around.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 19.52.49.png

I had more free time this term since I reduced  my courseload by one class. I was able to roam downtown, which was strangely therapeutic. I strolled through Queen’s Park, ambled about around Robarts, and went exploring through the other libraries.

More Medium goings-on


Goodbye Honolulu at the Smiling Buddha, January 27, 2017

Um, my friend Mrinalini and I got to interview Toronto band Goodbye Honolulu for the Medium newspaper????? NBD.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 19.24.03.png

Literature Matters lecture series, with Karen Solie and Esi Edugyan

I also attended an awesome talk at the Isabel Bader Theatre downtown for the Literature Matters series, covered the UTM Film Fest, and interviewed UTM50’s photographer laureate.


L’Enfant Terrible of Hollywood: Stanley Kubrick

CIN290: The Films of Stanley Kubrick may or may not be my favourite uni class this year. It’s probably because in an ideal universe, I would be getting paid to watch and write about movies. But that’s beside the point.


I thoroughly enjoyed this class because the lectures were engaging and the readings were never too dense or boring. Formally analyzing the films I spent my high school years watching was enlightening; it made me question Kubrick’s choices in making these technical and visual masterpieces. 10/10, highly recommend.

The “Could Have Been Better”

Campus Involvement

I was lacking in my campus involvement this semester! I can make the excuse that first term burnt me out… but I won’t! I was just too busy (read: lazy) this semester with my writing-intensive courses. I did write a few pieces for the newspaper, but I didn’t do much else on campus.

Work Ethic

I’m all about transparency here (I live to serve you!!!!!), so I will confess my work ethic has been abysmal this semester. I wasn’t as on top on my readings this term, and I skipped more than I care to admit.

But, on the bright side, I learned my limits when it comes to workload and my capabilities with time management. I can learn from the obstacles of this term and avoid them in coming years.

The gym??? What’s that??

Self-explanatory? Self-explanatory.

How was your winter term?

Good luck with exams and thank-you to all who took some time out of their life to indulge in my blogs!!!!


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